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Peru rescue centre Colitas con Canas - Veterinarian 2
Peru rescue centre Colitas con Canas - Veterinarian 3
Peru rescue centre Colitas con Canas - Veterinarian 1

We have an official collaboration with the local vet clinic "Clinica Veterinaria Valle Sagrado" located in Urubamba. 

Peru rescue centre veterinary clinic

This vet office has a good reputation and really helps people. They custom order dog food for us at cost, and they treat all the Colitas Con Canas dogs at cost. They are more than happy to have a vet around to help out. They speak basic English, but enough to get by.

You will be able to work on great cases! You might work in challenging conditions and occasionally witness difficult situations. You will be contributing to helping control the overpopulation of strays and lessening the pain of animals.

Possible duties for qualified vets and vet nurses

- Help with low-cost spay & neuter campaign for the local population.

- Assisting with surgeries in the vet clinic.

- Administering medication and vaccinations to clinic patients and shelter residents.

- Because you will be the only trained medical staff present, you will need to respond to the demands of incoming rescued dogs and  conduct regular health checks on all of Colitas Con Canas animals.

Integration into general volunteer schedule

Vet and vet nurses will need to spend half the time in the shelter as a regular shelter volunteer, and half the time in the vet clinic doing veterinary work. Like all other volunteers, you will work 5 days a week, 6 hrs per day, with two days off per week.

You will stay in our volunteer accomodation and follow all volunteer rules.

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